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Aurora McCreary


Aurora McCreary

Aurora is a licensed Florida attorney. She is an alumni of UCF and received her law degree from Tulane University Law School. She is an active member of the Central Florida community and avid fan of Orlando sports, food, and outdoor adventures.

Aurora McCreary has a passion for, and has committed her legal career to the practice of family law. Having personally experienced the difficulties of her adoption as a grown child, Aurora set out to devote her life to helping families though transition periods such as adoption, divorce, and paternity. Aurora understands the difficulties that come with divorce, modification, remarriage, relocation, termination of parental rights, and knows the emotions aspects of the process. She draws from her personal and professional experiences as well as those around her to cultivate strategies and solutions for her clients that are not set out in a book, but rather specifically suited for each client's needs and circumstances. Aurora is a firm believer of handling her client's matters by looking at the specific needs and desires rather than treating every client as a checklist.

Aurora's passion in adoptions and terminations of parental rights has allowed her to bring families together even with all odds against them. She also specializes in LGBT issues and understand the specifics and challenges presented to same-sex couples regarding divorces and their families. Notably, Aurora recently won a court case allowing her clients, two women, legal rights over their children without the need for an adoption.

Practices: Family Law, Adoption, Surrogacy, Estate and Wills, Landlord/Tenant, Civil Litigation, and Personal Injury